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  • Would the organization be more effective if operating instructions and learning content was quickly and easily accessible to all individuals?
  • Does the organization’s sustainability rely on having good and effective documentation easily available?
  • Are attractive and well-structured teaching aids and learning materials important to the organization?
  • Is access to intuitive online continuing education from any computer, tablet or smartphone a requirement?

If the answer is Yes to any of these questions, then Q-Matrix™ with Q-Guide can bring those capabilities to any organization. Having instructions, teaching aids and learning materials in one place, that are accessible to every individual in the organization, available online via a browser.


Computer, tablet, smartphone – intuitive online education


With Q-Guide everyone benefits from standardized learning content for all parts of the organization. The content can be specific to each individual and is accessible to every individual using a browser.

The intuitive dashboard of Q-Guide provides visibility to the status of topic registrations, tests that have been passed, and identify further measures that are needed. Both the users and the administrators have visibility to manage content.


Intuitive dashboard


The intuitive dashboard of Q-Guide provides visibility of who has registered for which topics and which are being followed / processed online, which tests have been passed, and identify further measures that are needed. Both the users and the administrators have visibility to manage content. Depending on permissions, all the associated actions or examination dates, clear reports and simple tools for sustainable operations are available.


Q-Guide – direct online learning and instruction


Instruction, learning topics and exams can easily be applied in the administration area and allocated to the respective individuals in the organization. The user sees their individual dashboard that new instructions are available and can execute them directly and easily. As an individual logs on, all their assignments are displayed and they have the opportunity to learn directly online and to provide the content itself.


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Creating learning content


Creating course content can be done easily, examples include slides of a presentation, text, images, videos and attachments (e.g. PDF files) by an administrator intuitively, without programming knowledge.


Individual instruction and learning units


Use Q-Guide for the regulatory / legal requirements, to follow Quality Management standards, operating instructions, topics for software applications and get the complex platform for the targeted dissemination of information in order to deepen the skills and qualifications of the organization.

Q-Guide provides total flexibility to adapt to any organizations needs and operational requirements.


Benefit from the large pool of working and learning materials available in Q-Guide


To minimize the expense of the creating training documents and presentations, there is a large stock of content prepared for that has been optimized for online learning. Individual topics can be covered using available stock. And the learning materials can be used as a model for developing additional topics. Contact us for more information.


Long-term learning success and effectiveness of control


A decisive advantage of the online learning is that instead of instructions being provided by a supervisor, where the interaction may involve listen and answering the question “Do you understand that?” with a short nod, the learning environment could be more effective for the individual to review and memorize the contents, acquire the knowledge, possible confirm (quiz) and actively implement the process.

The administrator can create themes for certain tests and examinations, and then query the pupil specifically. If an individual does not pass the test, the learning content must be repeated before a new test can take place, which will help ensure that important learning achievements are achieved.

Another advantage of using Q-Guide is that each individual can perform their relevant instructions in-dependently at any time, there is no need for validation of schedule availability before taking courses.


Synergies of Q-Guide and Q-Matrix™


Ensuring that the organization has qualified people in the correct position and that their individual training and development needs are on track is key to building an organization that will sustain the organization’s growth. Leveraging Q-Guide in combination with the qualification management solution of Q-Matrix™ provides those capabilities into one easy to administer solution set.


Success through qualification management


The administrative burden is significantly reduced by the synergies between Q-Matrix™ and Q-Guide, and the success of any organization will be ensured by an optimal qualification management. A well-trained staff is the ultimate foundation to the success of any organization.