The ability to manage additional skills & competencies within Q-Matrix™


Do managers, Human Resource know all the talents of the individual’s in the organization?


Beyond what is required for the position they are in? Having the right skills available for specific assignments may provide the leverage the organization needs to take advantage of an opportunity. Within Q-Matrix™ the answer is bundled within a comprehensive skill management module, which provides the ability to manage skills and experience beyond the position.


Here is a practical example:


The organization needs someone to fulfill an assignment in Barcelona. Besides the professional knowledge and competencies of the position, the individual will require additional personal skills; must speak fluid Spanish and have a car driver license class B.

With the Skills Management, it would be a simple filter within the skill overview for the required skills and retrieve potential candidates.


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Capturing the additional skills is very easy:


Define the additional knowledge types (i.e. driver licenses, language, computer knowledge) and assign to the skill management list. Then define criteria’s for the desired scale (i.e. for language: novice, native, conversational, fluid).

Skills Management provides the ability to capture additional knowledge, competencies and soft skills for all individuals in the organization can be assigned with a simple mouse click. After compiling the data, the information will be available to analyze to meet specific needs.


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