Personnel Management & Human Resources Management with HR Software


Your employees are among the most important resources of your company. The success of your company stands and falls with them, especially in times when qualified personnel is hard to find. Personnel management therefore plays a key role, which – if approached correctly – can prove to be a decisive competitive advantage. For this reason, personnel responsibility is located at the highest management levels. The newly developed Q-Matrix™ HR software serves as an effective tool for this purpose. The sophisticated personnel planning tool supports both large and small and medium-sized companies in all aspects of employee management and motivation.


What does personnel management mean?


The term personnel management covers all measures in a company that serve to manage and train employees. The measures are designed to maintain or strengthen employee satisfaction at a constant level and are meticulously recorded in the personnel controlling system. Modern human resources management is located at the highest management levels and starts with the management. It includes the human resources department and senior executives.


What are the objectives of HR management?


Satisfied employees increase the efficiency of companies. They are sick less frequently and bring the business enterprise forward with new ideas. For this reason, the goals associated with HR management are many and varied: they range from simple employee motivation to management training and employee retention for project management tasks. Team development and executive coaching are also included. Through these measures, optimal personnel planning can be guaranteed, which is geared towards the long term.


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Personnel management – strategic management task in large companies and SMEs


Forward-looking personnel development is a task that every company should now be addressing. Personnel management is no longer just a challenge for large companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs for short, are also affected by the shortage of skilled workers, which they must counteract with long-term employee retention.

Human resource management is now considered part of strategic management and is less frequently outsourced to external management consultants, as was common practice until the 2000s. On top of this, the demands placed on successful personnel development have increased. Today, measures go far beyond a staff appraisal interview and extend to the selection of suitable candidates for management coaching in the assessment center. The aim is to identify, promote and retain particularly talented employees.


More efficiency through a personnel planning tool: Q-Matrix™ HR software


The diverse tasks of personnel development pose complex challenges for large as well as small and medium-sized companies. A personnel planning tool provides valuable services here. With our newly developed Q-Matrix™ HR software we provide you with an effective tool.

The program analyzes employee management and employee motivation in your company on several levels. The personnel planning software identifies eligible talents in your company and helps you to define individual target agreements within the framework of personnel controlling.


Effective human resources management keeps you competitive


Human resources management is an essential factor for the competitiveness of a company. Optimal personnel development is based on three pillars:

  • Personnel development with regard to employee motivation and employee retention
  • Promotion of strengths and inclinations of employees with regard to their individual wishes
  • Personnel controlling in relation to competitiveness and corporate goals

Human resources management primarily pursues the goal of positioning the company better in the market and contributing to the company’s success. In addition, the employees and the company have their own objectives associated with HR management.


Objectives of HR management for companies:

  • Improve profitability and efficiency and respond to market challenges
  • Increase employee motivation and loyalty to the company
  • Saving management consultancy
  • Improve technical and social employee qualifications
  • Recognize and correct wrong appointments of positions
  • Preserve current professional and managerial staff
  • Identifying and developing specialist and management successors


Objectives of human resources management for the staff:

  • Identify existing deficits, develop unused potential
  • Improve job security
  • Adapt tasks and areas of responsibility to your own abilities
  • Promote standing and self-image in the company
  • Influence organizational development
  • Promoting career opportunities through further training
  • Improve reputation and income


Recognizing potential and promoting strengths: more efficiency through personnel planning software


How satisfied are your employees with your company? Do they identify with the company’s goals? Do you know if there are unexpected skills hidden in your staff? Do they really tap their full potential in everyday work? Personnel development is a complex issue that needs to be continuously driven forward. Q-Matrix™ is there to support you with its personnel planning software.


Job profiles and job description


Are all positions in your company filled according to your skills and strengths? Are there any wrong appointments? Do you promote your staff according to their expectations?

Q-Matrix™ makes personnel development in your company particularly easy. In the software you can create catalogues of measures individually tailored to your company. In addition, the personnel planning tool allows you to enter job descriptions and job profiles.

The content you set up is available to all users authorized for personnel management. Both profiles and individual actions can be easily managed in the software. In addition, you can update the competencies of your employees directly in the toolbox.

The personnel planning software continuously evaluates the planned and already completed measures and continuously presents you with the analyses that converge at your company. This means that you have a constant overview of the qualification activities of each individual employee.

The activity catalog in Q-Matrix™ displays all the individual tasks assigned to a work center.




Do you want or need to fill or restructure jobs in your company? Then you have a lengthy personnel management task ahead of you that requires extensive documentation! In this case, the applicant management of Q-Matrix™ can provide you with effective support for recruitment.

The software clearly displays all information about the applicants. Sophisticated competence analysis tools find the right person for the position from the applicant pool in no time at all. To do this, the software compares the recorded job profiles and job descriptions with the applicants’ data, giving you an initial selection of potential candidates.

In the end, your experience in personnel management and your gut feeling will provide the decisive impulse for or against an applicant – but Q-Matrix™ makes the way there much easier!


Effective Skill Management


Do you promote your staff to a sufficient degree and are you aware of all internal potentials? Maybe you can even save yourself the recruiting and fill the respective job internally! Q-Matrix™ also shows you such possibilities in personnel management.

With the personnel controlling software you can keep your internal staff data always up to date. This is of benefit to you in recruiting. Q-Matrix™ clearly lists the job-specific qualifications of your employees. The tool’s skill management also stores their personal skills and competencies.

This enables the personnel planning tool to quickly and specifically identify employees who are suitable for the position. A comprehensive GAP analysis allows you to see immediately whether the desired and actual situation match. The personnel management software shows you development potential as well as reasons for or against filling the position.


Overview of demographics


Do you know exactly how the age structure is in your company and in the individual departments? Demographic change is presenting HR management with an enormous challenge that requires constant monitoring.

Q-Matrix™ counteracts the demographic change in commercial enterprises. The demography tool from Q-Matrix™ ensures that you always have an eye on the age structure of your company and each department. In this way, you can identify an ageing workforce early on in the area of personnel management and counteract this by recruiting staff.

In the evaluation table Employees – Individual Tasks, you can see the current level of qualification of each employee at his or her workplace.