Effective support of quality management

The regular appraisal interview is an instrument in which manager and employee jointly agree on goals and suitable measures to achieve these goals. In addition, strengths and areas of development are recorded for the employee. Saving this information in Q-Matrix™ effectively supports your quality management and serves to compare, evaluate and follow up the agreed goals over a period of time defined by you.

Clear structure of the planned and conducted discussions

Q-Matrix™ provides you with your own overview for processing employee appraisals. You can adjust the overview individually using filters and sort orders. In addition to the display of completed calls, the planned calls are also displayed and thus a further time planning is already made. These future employee appraisals are displayed in Q-Matrix™ Resubmission if the reminder date you have stored is reached.

Manage and track calls in detail

You can easily switch to the call details by mouse click or context menu. There you enter the goals that you have agreed upon during the appraisal interview. In this work area, you can also schedule actions or maintain data in the qualifications matrix.

Professional and sustainable documentation of conversations

Print out the necessary interview documents before the interview. Transfer the agreements to Q-Matrix™. Then print the interview protocol for the personnel file and the employee. Of course, digital storage of the minutes is also possible – simply save the document as a PDF file in the employee data.

Q-Matrix™ can also support you effectively in your personnel planning

  • Planning and preparing for staff appraisals
  • Define and record goals
  • Create measures for target agreements
  • Creating and printing the basis for the conversation in advance
  • Print minutes of meetings for personnel files and employees
  • Overview of all conversations of an area or a department
  • Recognizing and documenting strengths and areas of development