Corporate management and corporate development:


Planning the future with the right corporate strategy


Corporate management is one of the most challenging topics in business administration studies. It covers a broad spectrum of sub-fields: from business plans, to employee motivation, to organizational development. A successful entrepreneur always works to ensure the well-being of his company and thus also of his stakeholders. How a company develops is decisive for its future – competent management and the right corporate strategy set the course for success.

The path from the strategic analysis of the current situation to the implementation of promising targets is a complex web of different factors. Q-Matrix™, the software for corporate management, helps you to make your company fit for the market of the future.


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Corporate management – the big picture


From a scientific point of view, corporate governance or management is considered at different levels: For example, business administration distinguishes between the institutional, functional and process-oriented view. Who is in charge; with what means and in what way is management carried out. This multi-layered view alone reveals how comprehensive and ramified the topic of corporate management is.

Processes and systems are two means by which you as a manager can ensure that operations run smoothly and that you always keep an eye on everything. Software such as Q-Matrix™ supports you in both of these areas: It provides you with a system that serves, among other things, to record data and enables you to introduce fixed and uniform processes throughout the company, which regulate data maintenance and evaluation, for example.

Compare target and actual statuses, identify potential and risks early on, prepare reports, create plans for operational and strategic goals over various time horizons – stay on the ball. The constant changes on the market and in the world require a system as well as a company management that reacts quickly and is flexible.


The challenges: A bit of everything


The difficulty of managing a company is to never lose sight of the big picture. At the same time it is broadly diversified and extends into many parts of the company. Quality management, personnel development, issues management, stakeholder management, financial and resource planning – a competent team of managers is essential.


Promoting qualified managers – recognizing the potential of human resources


In addition to general business management aspects, Q-Matrix™ pays particular attention to the points of employee management (personnel management) and innovation management. Because change management can only be successful if personnel controlling succeeds in activating the motivation and commitment of employees.

Early promotion of competent employees, so-called human resources, should not lead to a niche existence in corporate management. Q-Matrix™ analyzes the current status of your personnel development. With this data, your personnel planning is able to create a long-term employee development concept.

The best possible trained and satisfied personnel will ensure your long-term business success. By means of skillful qualification management, the company management always keeps its staff on a good level with regard to specialist knowledge and interdisciplinary skills. With the Q-Matrix™ analysis tools, you can identify the need for support among your employees just as easily as suitable additional and language skills or special IT knowledge.


Quality management – satisfied stakeholders, smooth processes


Quality has not only something to do with the products or services you offer. The company management is also responsible for employees, jobs, working conditions and quality management. The right software is also the key here. Learn more in our comprehensive article about how Q-Matrix™ can also help you as a quality management software.


In these areas of corporate management, Q-Matrix™ supports


Managers and decision-makers rely on holistic, integrated software for the future orientation of a company. Q-Matrix™ is ideally equipped for processes in the following areas:

  • Management & Personnel Management
  • Operational and strategic corporate management
  • Quality Management
  • Organizational change (forms of organization, change management)


Corporate management with Q-Matrix™ in detail


Save time, spare nerves and keep everything in view


In our software solution especially for business management, we have put together numerous evaluation and analysis tools that help you to maintain an overview even in stressful times. You always know about the quality of your personnel and recognize development potential at a glance. You prepare employee appraisals professionally and without much effort with all necessary documents. You agree on objectives in the appraisal interviews and keep track of their achievement.

The extensive analysis functions of Q-Matrix™ show you the way to organizational and strategic improvement possibilities in your company structure. Flexibility, effective change management and the identification of targets in times of rapidly changing market conditions are the strengths of Q-Matrix™.

Long- and medium-term corporate goals can be targeted with Q-Matrix™, the software for corporate management and development. Make risk prognoses regarding their feasibility and develop strategies for successful project management – which would otherwise be reserved for the expertise of expensive management consultancy.


Q-Matrix™ shows you the right key figures for efficient company and personnel development


Integrated tools for skills management and applicant management make your work easier when it comes to filling or restructuring jobs in the company. You can see in Q-Matrix™ the suitability of your employees for certain activities through comparative GAP analyses. Intersections and reasons for exclusion become immediately apparent, which together with your most important tool – the gut feeling – can lead to more efficient staffing.

You as a company management also keep an eye on demographic figures with the demography tools from Q-Matrix™. In this way, you can identify the need for action and development for a homogeneous age structure at first glance.

Q-Matrix™ has what it takes to become your most effective and important management tool.