Q-MATRIX - Effective management of your workforce

Q-MATRIX is an integrated organization management solution that can be configured to support the strategy of any organization

  • Is the organization getting the most from the individuals – leveraging the skills and experiences to what is required?
  • How is the organization executing against training plans?
  • How are new worker applicants being managed?
  • What skills and experience gaps does the organization have?

The good news is that Q-MATRIX can help provide the answers to organization questions like those listed above. Q-MATRIX provides a set of capabilities to meet the needs of: organization planning, talent acquisition and on-boarding, performance assessment, goals management, career development, succession management, organization competency management and learning management.

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Top Organization Management Solution

Organizations that are implementing Quality Management systems (e.g. following ISO 9xxx and/or 9xxx Operational standards) will find that Q-MATRIX provides the ability to track the required evidence to support certification of operational effectiveness that is required to meet the standards. More specifically the ability to track the development (and certification if required) of an individual’s skills and experience is easily managed in Q-MATRIX. Having a highly qualified organization and the Q-MATRIX solution will help ensure any organization’s success is sustainable.

  • Visibility of position requirements and qualification
  • Track performance and feedback discussions
  • Manage training plans


  • Skill management
  • Measure organization competencies
  • Target performance assessment



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