Transparent overview of the current qualification status of your employees
Target-oriented evaluation of qualification measures of your employees
Efficient applicant management for new employees
Optimized management of evidence and documents for your audits
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People Management

HR software for professional people management & human resources management


The requirements for sustainable personnel controlling have become very complex and range from the selection of the right test persons for executive coaching by an assessment center with the purpose of recognizing, promoting and retaining particularly talented employees (high potentials, war of talents).

With our newly developed Q-Matrix HR software, your personnel consultancy receives an effective tool that analyses the aspects of employee management and employee motivation on several levels and helps to find high-performing and developable talents in your company and to define individual target agreements for organizational development and personnel controlling.


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With the appropriate modules you can optimally develop your staff and keep an overview
Discussions • Companywide Task Catalogue • Qualification Matrix • Target/Actual Comparison Of Qualifications
Training Management • Trainings Planning • Expiring Certificates • Assignment Management
Provide Instructions • Online-Courses, E-Learning • Track Courses Status • Quickly Create Instructions


Q-Matrix™ is an integrated organization management solution that can be configured to support the strategy of any organization
  • Is the organization getting the most from the individuals – leveraging the skills and experiences to what is required?
  • How is the organization executing against training plans?
  • How are new worker applicants being managed?
  • What skills and experience gaps does the organization have?


The good news is that Q-Matrix™ can help provide the answers to organization questions like those listed above. Q-Matrix™ provides a set of capabilities to meet the needs of: organization planning, talent acquisition and on-boarding, performance assessment, goals management, career development, succession management, organization competency management and learning management.


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Q-Matrix™ - The workforce management software

For every business area in which a company is active, the consistent training of employees means being prepared for future market requirements. Skill management (management of hard and soft skills) is no longer just an annoying appendage but an integral part of employee assessment. Talent Management is the task of the human resources department, cost-intensive expertise from a management consultancy is not included.

Well-trained employees, who are up to date with the latest knowledge in their respective fields through a Learning Management System (LMS), are often not only more motivated and committed but also more creative in developing solutions to problems and introducing new ideas. However, consistent training and further education measures are also an important safety aspect when complying with prescribed guidelines and standards, such as DIN EN ISO 9001 (worldwide standard for the definition of requirements for the quality management of a company).

Q-Matrix™ is the company solution for planning, administration, evaluation and documentation of all company training and qualification measures. Q-Matrix™ Qualification Matrix software provides your human resources department with a powerful tool for human resources management (HR) and retention management of your employees.

All types of training and qualification (safety training, language training, technical training, etc.) are continuously monitored and documented by the software. Meaningful, easy-to-maintain qualification and training databases, in accordance with DIN ISO 9000, can be created with just a few mouse clicks.

However, planning and managing training and qualification measures in the area of Talent Management are by no means all the tasks that our Q-Matrix™ Personnel Management Software can take over for your personnel department.

The Skill Management module enables you to find the most suitable employee for a specific task at any time by means of sophisticated performance management.

We are looking for an employee with a class C1E truck driver’s license (truck with trailer and a maximum total weight of 12t), knowledge of French and trained for the transport of dangerous goods. After defining the requirements, the Q-Matrix™ qualification matrix narrows down the result to the relevant group of people with just a few mouse clicks, based on the existing employee data, and finds the most suitable employee for your personnel department.